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Elisha Fields: SketchGenie – New drawing tool saves fime for both seasoned artists and beginning students.

SketchGenie, the new, patent-pending, time-saving drawing system is for all levels of artists and non-artists.  Based on the old grid method of drawing, the SketchGenie was invented and developed by artist and entrepreneur, ElishaFields. The SketchGenie eliminates having to draw and erase pencil lines or calculate ratios for enlarging.  The featured package include one grid for your art surface and a packet to slide in the source material and compete instructions.  Workshops are available for art groups or one on one by Skype.

Elisha Fields, CEO of Free Range Art, LLC, is an artist, inventor and entrepreneur.  Elisha found a need while struggling with her portrait drawing and developed this tool.  Then she decided other artists should have the opportunity to use this tool.  The new patent pending drawing system SketchGenie came on the market only last March and is sold on the internet and at SketchGenie workshops.

Elisha’s art has shown in national and international juried/judged exhibitions; has won several awards; and two of her paintings are published on book covers.  She has painted for twelve years and is active in local art organizations.  Her works are in collections in NY, CA, MI, IL, FL, GA, and SC.  You may view Elisha’s work at Artists Atelier of Atlanta on Miami Circle in Buckhead or at

Henry Wishchusen: Becoming an Independent Inventor


Commercializing inventions take  hardwork time and money. It is especially difficult to attempt to to develop a product and take it to market when you are working from 8:30 to 5.  One strategy is to become self-employed. That is exactly what Henry Wischusen chose to do 4 years ago so that he could be a full time inventor or better said Developer/Commercializer

Henry is a serial inventor and spent 27 years working for Rock-Tenn Co. a leading packaging and display company. Henry was awarded over 30 patents while at Rock-Tenn. For the last 4 years he has managed his own company Integrated Development “A package and product development company”.

Henry is a serial inventor and spent 27 years working for Rock-Tenn Co a leading packaging and display company. Henry was awarded over 30 patents while at Rock-Tenn. For the last 4 years he has managed his own company Integrated Development “A package and product development company”.

Derek Gable: I have this great idea but I don’t know what to do with it

Derek Gable of West Coast Innovations is going to tell us how to enjoy your life to the fullest in the world of inventing.

Derek Gable has been a very successful inventor and product developer for over 40 years with dozens of his creations making it to the market place.

Gable has approximately 60 patents in categories as diverse as toys, entertainment machines, games, medical devices and systems for showing real estate.

Gable ran a large part of the think tank at Mattel for about 16 years and was responsible for creating and/or managing many big hits including Masters of the Universe and items for Barbie, Hot Wheels, large promotional dolls, games, preschool etc.

Gable invented the recording Lock Box system for showing Real Estate in 1979 and along with a partner formed a company to produce and market the system. The company was successful for 15 years produced over 1.5 million units, controlled 80% of the business worldwide and employed over 200 people.

In 1984 Gable formed West Coast Innovations [WCI] an invention and product development company with an extensive network of associates capable of creating new concepts and taking them all the way to production. WCI has successfully licensed many items to most of the major toy companies and several other industries

Gable is very interested in helping other rookie inventors and mentoring high school students with passion and potential. Gable does guest speaking and ran a class for inventors called “I have this great idea but don’t know what to do with it”

Paul Niemann: Reasons Why Inventors Succeed or Fail

Former columnist for Inventors’ Digest magazine and founder of one of the internet’s top websites for inventors,, Paul Niemann drops by to discuss the Top 10 Reasons Inventors Succeed and the Top 10 Reasons Inventors Fail.

What we do …

1.   We build web pages for inventors and list their inventions on our site, for manufacturers and other potential licensees to see.
2.   We help companies locate new products to license in.

also …

  • We’re now one of the most popular inventor sites on the Internet.
  • Our invention database can be easily accessed by companies that search for new products.

Paul Niemann:

  • Is a former columnist for Inventors’ Digest magazine, and is regularly asked to be a guest speaker to schools and inventor organizations.
  • Has published a free newsletter for inventors, THE ONLINE INVENTOR, since 1998
  • Writes a syndicated newspaper column that has appeared in more than 110 newspapers.
  • Teaches marketing on the university level to undergraduate and MBA students.
  • Uses his own advice to bring his own new products to market.
  • Formerly worked at a St. Louis marketing and advertising firm. While there, he learned first-hand how to market new products, helping to launch the successful Financial Success Kit®.
  • Earned his M.B.A. from Southern Illinois University in 1991 and undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Kentucky in 1987.
  • Market was founded in 1998 by Paul Niemann, and is located in beautiful Quincy, Illinois.

Social Media …

MarketLaunchers has 2 social media pages and a blog:

  1. Facebook at: (be sure to “become a fan” while you’re there)
  2. Twitter at:
  3. The official MarketLaunchers blog is at:

Alison Newton: From Napkin to Market

Alison Newton of Alison Newton Consulting is a Product Development Expert and a Savvy & Stylish Entrepreneur.

Taking an idea from a sketch on the back of a napkin or a doodle on the back of a receipt to a tangible product can be overwhelming and frustrating but ultimately rewarding.  This is something Alison Newton knows firsthand.  After leaving the corporate world in 2009, Alison followed her passion by designing a luxurious yet comfortable footwear collection and along the way, realized other aspiring entrepreneurs could benefit from her extensive product development knowledge.

Drawing from more than 12 years of experience in product development with successful and well respected companies like Nordstrom, Saks, and Spanx.  Alison now focuses her time on supporting and empowering entrepreneurs, nurturing their ideas, supporting their development and strategically launching their products!  Demystifying the development process.  Creating a customized plan for each client.  Taking them through the process from design, development and product management to planning, production, distribution and merchandising. 

“Oftentimes, talented entrepreneurs shelve their product dreams because they just simply get “stuck” in the process.  My job is to provide support and empower them with the tools they need to move onto that next step, taking away any roadblocks and providing a clear plan for success.  Seeing a client realize their product goals, gives me such satisfaction.”

Whether at the beginning of your product journey or re-evaluating a current product, the first step is to identify your needs and complete a product readiness assessment.  Alison reviews and compiles a detailed evaluation of the assessment and then designs a customized plan to support the clients goals to realize their product.  Simple and straightforward, concepts into reality.

What’s next in the process? Jim and Ron talk about what happens after your idea is validated!

Ron and Jim talk about some more of the misconceptions that revolve around the process of invention. For example, Jim and Ron have only heard of one product that has ever made it to market as just a concept. This episode talks about what to do once your idea has been validated and you’re ready to create prototypes.

Jim and Ron talk about the invention process in general

Listen to Jim and Ron quiz Lee Kantor, the show’s producer, about his knowledge about the process of bringing a product to market. Learn the possible negative outcomes of asking family and friends as compared to getting objective outside opinions and some insights into how to go about doing that.